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Being 18 is a right of passage in a lot of ways. New to the adult world in many ways, and new to the wonderful world of online gaming and casinos!

On this site, you’ll see that all of the hand-picked casinos we offer welcome players who are 18 or older. Granted, we don’t have eyes to see beyond the screen, but what we do know is that whether you are 18 and getting things started or you’re older than that but live each day to the fullest as if you were still 18, bright-eyed, and bushy-tailed, we have online casinos that will knock your socks off and fill them with change while they do!

Just to mention a few, we’ve got, Cafe Casino, Ignition Casino, and Bovada here to get you started. Each of these are outstanding casinos who are able to let everyone 18 or older play, but also offer some of the easiest ways to deposit and withdraw your earnings, have excellent security, and let you use alternative payment methods like bitcoin.

A lot of the younger crowds and older folks alike who are hip to the revolution that exists in bitcoin are going to want to use it. Each of these casinos lets you use bitcoin and other payment methods like visa and MasterCard debit or credit interchangeably, but get the best from either one or both as you see fit. Security is very important to each and every one of these top choices too, so you don’t have to worry about any technical issues. Every penny gets accounted for, and every dollar you win is yours!

The customer support for each of the above casinos is excellent, too. You’ll find that they have rapid online technical support for you 24/7, and 800 toll-free numbers that you can call at any time day or night to talk to a live support operator if you have any questions about deposits, withdrawals, how to play a specific type of game, or anything else that pertains to their system and the casino that they offer you on a virtual silver platter!

One thing that never seems to change too much if we’re impatient when we’re young, is wanting things fast and now when we get older! Luckily, the greater these online casinos get, the better they are at making sure we get everything we expect, but much faster and much easier. Why not say yes to winning fast, easy money at your favorite online casino today? While you’re reading this, that’s what I am doing!

See you there!

Oh, and if you ever need a quick link to trusted sites, be sure to bookmark this page or visit for a quick and easy way to springboard over to other fantastic Bitcoin online casinos!

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