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Crypto Slots 18+ Online Casino

One of the newest 18+ online casinos is Crypto Slots! This is a great casino for the new wave of players that are turning 18! With the integration of Cryptocurrency into online casinos, this one goes hand in hand with the latest technology which is perfect for those who like to play with the latest and greatest gaming styles. Crypto Slots is available to players who are eighteen and older, from the USA as well as many other countries around the world.

Getting Started

When visiting the Crypto Slots website, you’ll notice a really great looking casino. On the main page, there are lots of neon graphics which draw your attention to all of the necessary information to get started. When it comes to this casino, you’ll see that the website looks very simple, that’s because it is! Crypto Slots was designed to keep the players entertained and having fun, so there isn’t a bunch of unnecessary information on the website, it’s all fun and games. To sign up for an account, just simply click the “sign up” button which will then open a registration form. This casino has the easiest registration form I’ve ever encountered. Here, you’ll just answer a few questions like; username, email address and password! Click submit and you’re on your way!


Crypto Slots is powered by Slotland Entertainment, the leader in slots gaming software. Here, you’ll have a variety of slots choices which include; high limit, jackpot and then also various different game types such as 3 reel, 5 reel and multiple way win games. On the website, the games are played through the browser window without the need for any kind of download. In addition to being easy to use through a browser window, this casino can be played by way of a PC, Mac, Smartphone or Tablet! If you’re having difficulty choosing which game to play first, there is a top picks section of the site which shows you the games that other players are getting started with. In addition to slots, Crypto Slots also offers video poker types of games too!

Bonuses and Promotions

Most eighteen and over online casino players will specifically choose online casinos based upon the bonuses that are available. Since online casinos typically have better bonuses, this is what they choose. Here at Crypto Slots, there are a selection of bonuses which are easy to get started with, and they allow the players for more time at the casino. There is a 1st deposit bonus of 111%, a second deposit match bonus of 77% and a 3rd deposit match bonus of 99%. In addition to these bonuses, there is a cashback bonus as well as other promotions that are offered periodically during holidays or other special events at the casino.

Banking & Deposit Options

Making a deposit into this particular online casino is very easy. This casino was made for making deposit with cryptocurrencies. Here, players can make deposits using Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash and Litecoin. Each of these cryptocurrencies are simple to get started with, even if you don’t already have an account with these coins. When it comes to making a deposit with cryptocurrency, players can expect to have their deposit processed within just a few minutes. The beauty in using cryptocurrencies for their online casino depositing needs is that you won’t need to supply any personal financial information when making a deposit and that’s a big deal!


This casino only uses cryptocurrency to make deposits, and for a lot of players that’s one of the best things available right now because cryptocurrency was created to keep financial information private. This casino not only allows for cryptocurrency deposits, but they even offer special bonuses and a wide variety of games that are exciting to play, easy to use and have the latest and updated software type available. If you have questions about the casino or making a deposit, there is live customer support that is available around the clock by way of a live chat!

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