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Baccarat, is most like the game of blackjack, or maybe I should say blackjack is most like baccarat because the game baccarat came a little over 200 years before the game of blackjack was invented. Baccarat made its way to the States around the 20th century but never really gained popularity until the late 1950’s.

The concept and main objective in any online baccarat casino is pretty simple. The online baccarat casino player will want to have a higher hand, as nine as the max, than the online baccarat casino dealer. However unlike the game of blackjack, baccarat is based almost 100% on luck. But in a online baccarat casino, the house has a lower advantage in this game.

Playing Online Baccarat

First you, as the online Baccarat casino players will want to choose your wager amount, then chose your betting option you would like to bet on. Here you have three options, You may bet on the Player on the game, bet on the Dealer, or bet the game will end in a Tie. When you make a bet on the player, your betting that the player will have the higher hand, and when you bet on the dealer, your betting that the dealer will end up with the higher hand, and as tie, you guessed it, is a bet that their will be a tie between the dealer and player’s hand.

To start the game off, both the dealer and the player get two cards. In an online baccarat casino the number ten and face cards count as a 0. Also, no one hand can have more then three cards in an online Baccarat casino.

Betting both on the dealer or player of baccarat will pay even money (if you bet $5 you will win $5). But if you bet on the dealer, the house will take a 5 percent cut, despite this, you don’t lose your edge betting on the baccarat dealer. Now if you bet on a tie, and win, that bet will pay eight to one. But when you bet on a tie you will lose your edge advantage.

With online baccarat’s simple rules, low house advantage and chance baccarat is now one of the worlds most popular casino, and online casino game to play. Play baccarat in our real money online casinos and have fun!


online18casino Notes:

Until I had to write this review I have never played the game of Baccarat, as blackjack was my favorite table game I just stuck to that when online or at a casino. But this game really is easy to learn, fun and enjoyable. Since writing reviews of popular, and some not so popular casino games I have took some time to learn each game, as well as play each game and it has really opened me up to a lot of fun at the casino I would have missed out on otherwise. So my advice to any player is to go out of your way every once in a while and learn a new game, because once you get the hang on it you can really have some fun and as you play more games you start to get a feeling what games payout best for you, because face it, you can’t always win while gambling, but you can always have fun.

My thoughts on casinos are, your likely going to spend money on entertainment regardless of the type, so you might as well spend it on something that gives you the chance to win it back. Then there are the times that you really win, and take an extra grand or two. That is the feeling that keeps me coming back. Enjoy your stay!

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