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Online Bingo for Cash

Rules, Games, and History.

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Online bingo for cash casino

Bingo online. Gaming and Global Betting Consultants est. that the gross gaming yield for just online bingo was $.5 billion in money for the year 2006; The forecast for 2010 grows to $1 billion.

Online bingo casino uses random number generators, unlike regular bingo halls who use balls. Online bingo for cash casino works the same as most other online games as everything is virtual. The most notable feature is that online bingo has chat functionality. The most successful online bingo casino websites have a sense of community or interaction between the players.

Getting started

Some online casinos casino require users to download software to play the games, others use JavaScript or Adobe Flash based online games that will allow users to play online after signing up for a account. You will not have to wait for a download (also good if you are unable to download files).

Almost all websites accept a range of Ewallet funding-options, I.E.: Firepay, Neteller, Toggle Card, Citadel, or PrePaidATM. Some sites provide incentives to deposit. Incentives include matching deposits where the website will reward players by matching there deposit amount.

To win the largest cash prizes, users will have to fund there account, but free online bingo casino games are available, giving players ways to win small amounts of cash with no real risk of losing. Other Online Bingo Casinos offer no deposit game play or sandbox. This will let you get the hang of the game without any cash investment, but no real monetary value will be gained.

Playing online bingo casinos

According to a Internet Bingo Site, there are more then 357 online bingo websites currently operating in many countries. Growth in non-online bingo casinos are stalled by places banning smoking bingo hall. While most bingo players are smokers, smokers can smoke while playing in a online bingo casino.

There is a huge variety of online bingo for cash games to suit every online bingo casino players. All of the top websites offer several online bingo casino games. You will find inexpensive game rooms for the player who wants to play for just a dime (10 cents). As you will find more expensive rooms for the players who wants to bet more.

Online Bingo Casino Chat rooms

Players often congratulate the winning player with comments IE: WTG, or Way To Go. Just like instant messages, online bingo communities all have their acronyms in the place of sentences. Chat rooms are a good place to find new information in the ever changing online casino community.

This chat brings different dimensions to online gaming. All of the players can meet and chat during games of online bingo, often making friendships. On land based bingo talking is strictly forbidden, But is encouraged in online bingo. Here is a fun fact chatrooms are an effective retention tool, directed at the female player.

Note: CM stands for “chat monitor”. You may see them in the chat room. As you will want to follow the chat room etiquette.

Some online casino chat games are Dodge-ball, Roulette, Odds and Evens, At the Races, Birthday Bingo, Keno, Lucky Gem or Bulls eye. On most sites if you win you can expect to win five to eight times what you bet.

Online Bingo for cash Casino net-works

Online Bingo casino networks are when more then one site may share the same bingo game. You may go into a few different sites but find the same players, games, and promotions. This is because while the site may look different, it is connected to the same bingo network. A bingo games needs active players to work, so some sites may share players, to say.

Online bingo casinos in the UK

One bingo blog est. over £600 million is spent per year on online bingo.

Online Bingo Casino games in the UK are the most popular game online for females between 20 and 25 years of age.

Bingo online Casino stats

Parlay Entertainment is one of the largest bingo providers, they undertook a survey of the bingo market. It found that of a $150 million world wide market, but the United Kingdom was the most rapid growing online bingo market.

60,000 of the est. 3,000,000 land based bingo players also play online bingo for cash casinos. Most of these players are younger women, disproving the myth that bingo is for older players.

There are over 260 UK online bingo websites.

Almost all online bingo websites target women aged 30-50 with advertising. Go into an online bingo website then enter a chatroom, you will find there are a lot more female players then male players. That is why.

Online Bingo Casino players

I will even give you the current age demographic of bingo players:

Women spend fifty percent more time playing online bingo casinos each week than men.
18-34 = 29%, 35-44 = 29%, 45-54 = 28%, 55-64 = 12%, 65+ = 2%. 28% of 40+ females play between the hours of mid-night and 5am. Late!

History of Online Bingo Casinos

The first known online bingo casino games, launched in 1996 (great year), was a bingo site by the name of “Bingo Zone”. The next online bingo site was Uproar, that website launched Bingo Blitz in 1998 (not so great year).

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