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Online blackjack for money

playing online blackjack for money

If you can count to 21 and do some very simple math, you can play online blackjack for money. Basically, you want your card hand to be closer to the number 21 then the blackjack dealers card hand, without a “bust” (going over 21).

like other table games in the casino, online blackjack players play against the blackjack card dealer. Blackjack for money rules are extremely basic. First off, you want to make sure your hand of cards does not “bust” (by going over 21) a bust is an automatic loss in the game of blackjack, but then on the other hand if the dealer busts, you win by default.

Now lets talk a little about card value. The cards 2 through 10 are worth their own face value. The Jack, The Queen, and The King cards are worth ten. However the Ace value can be (at your discretion) an eleven or one, your choice. Whatever works best in your favor. There are a few ways to reach 21. Lets say you get an Ace card plus and a ten value card, this is called a blackjack and, you just won! UNLESS the dealer also gets to 21, then its a tie and all original bets are returned to the bettors. Now lets say you have two very low cards you will want to request additional cards (one at a time) to try and get as close to 21 as you can, without going over.

In blackjack no matter how many or few people are at the table, the dealer is your only real competitor. The card dealer is bound by his or her set of house rules that will guide how he or she plays and represents the house. The players will want to gauge the dealer’s position throughout the whole game and each player will want to make his or her move accordingly. Playing online blackjack for money like any other online casino game is the best way to learn blackjack without the pressure or stress of all the people in land based casinos. So have fun and try your hand in an online blackjack for money game as blackjack is one casino game with the best odds. Personally next to roulette online blackjack is my favorite casino game, because it is easy to learn, and mixes a small amount of skill with a small amount of luck. The skill comes in when knowing when to hold or take another card, as well as judging the dealer and what his next move will be. The luck part comes in set by the rules as well as the hand you are dealt. As said before this game has better odds then most other casino games and all of our casinos have the best promos and sign up bonuses.


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