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Blackjack Strategies

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Blackjack is one of the most popular games at the casino, players feel with this game they can make more money faster because of the game’s fast pace. Players throughout the years have come up with different strategies to try and have the edge over the house.

The Martingale Blackjack Strategy

One of the oldest and most simple strategies for Blackjack is the Martingale Blackjack Strategy. This strategy is one of the negative progression betting types which uses more commonly, even money bets. All casinos offer different minimum & maximum bets at their tables, online casinos as well. We will use the example of $5 as the starting bet with a table maximum of $500. So, the player will start out by betting $5 if they lose, the player will then double their bet by betting $10, if they lose again they double again to $20, using this strategy could put the player out of a lot of money because the player will continue to double their bet every time they lose until they win or they hit the table maximum. If the player wins or reaches the maximum bet, the player will start over again with the $5 or minimum table bet. Some believe this strategy will always turn a profit however, some get into a losing streak where they end up losing more money than making any.

Avid Blackjack players would suggest against using a Blackjack strategy because the game is mainly about luck and working with the cards you are dealt. Some players might get lucky and hit a winning streak of 6 hands however again, this is just about luck. This strategy came about because players felt that at some point, a player will have to win which in most cases is true.

The Parlay Betting Strategy

This betting system is favored among many because it does not require a large bank roll like most of the other betting strategies. This betting system is a positive progression betting system where players will double their bets on wins vs. on losses. The Parlay betting strategy is one of the oldest around and has been said to have been derived from the same way banks use to compound interest. This system is also commonly used in horse racing bets. This system is very simple to learn. I will use $100 as the example bet amount, if the player wins they are paid out 3:2 so they player earns $50 with this system the player will then bet the profit they made on the next hand.

Paroli Betting Strategy

Paroli is one of the easiest strategies to learn, this strategy also does not require a large bank roll. Players will simply start out with the minimum bet and double their bet amount each time on a win this is also a positive progression style of betting like the Parlay betting strategy.

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