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At first the complex look of the Craps table and amount of betting options might leave you thinking Oh Craps! (or just be a little intimidating for a beginning craps player). You will soon find that this is not the case, once you dive into the Online Craps game at our Online Craps Casino you will find it is pretty easy to learn and play. In every craps game, there are rounds (one, and round two). The first round is called the Come Out, round two is called the Point round.

The rules are pretty easy to learn, what may be harder, and just as important are the terms surrounding a craps game. At first it may seem like the players are speaking a foreign language – You will find that craps have a lot of unusual words and terms. It is important for you to learn the ‘slang’ of the game. Get down the craps lingo and Bingo! (not really bingo, but you know what I mean…) You are an Online Craps Player.

There are two different craps rounds, but only one basic bet.

In the first round the shooter wants to roll a Seven or Eleven. Why? Because a Seven or Eleven is an automatic win for round one. If you roll a Two, Three, or Twelve it is an automatic loss. and Two, Three, and Twelve are called craps. If some other number is thrown (1, 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, or 10) We call that the Point and the Craps game goes into the second round.

How to play Online Craps

Come Out Round: You have two options here, to place your bet on the Pass Line or the Don’t Pass Line. Putting your bet on the Pass Line is called a ‘right’ bet! Here you are betting that the player rolls a Seven or Eleven. Or place you bet on the Don’t Pass Line, This is called a ‘wrong’ bet, you say betting the shooter rolls “craps” (a Two, Three, or Twelve). That is all! You now have the fundamentals to bet in a craps game.

The Point Round: Before a 7 comes up the shooter will want to roll a point number! That being said this round may take a while, and it only ends once the shooter rolls a point number or a seven.

Now just try and pick up on some of the terms (Does not apply as much if you are playing in an online casino) and you are now ready to join in on “The Most Exciting Casino Game!” -As called by many! After you get more comfortable with the game, you can try out other advanced bets. Start slow, watch the game and learn as you go! While this game may be more Exciting in a land casino (as you will have the loud cheering and people around the table) I have found this game is easy to learn and play online, then take into a land casino and really have some fun.

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