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Are you looking to make some additional revenue from a web site you already have? If so, then I have put together a list of the best and most trusted Online Casino Affiliate programs on the Internet for you (yes, the ones I use… and I use the best!). All four quality affiliates pretty much cover all bases in variety. Betting Partners offers the three Best (and most popular) casinos on the internet, with almost every game you can think of, making it very easy to get people signing up and playing. Betting Partners is also one of the top converting programs for players around the world. They offer attractive casinos, that lead to return players. Great customer service, lots of promos, and quick payouts to keep your players coming back! Then you have Deckmedia, another high paying affiliate program that pays extremely fast. Cash-outs as quick as 48 hours, and a good return player database, Balancing the best paying commissions, with quality affiliates you can trust (and games people actually play). You are also welcome to use these if you are starting your own Online Casino Affiliate Web Site.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Search Engine Optimization is the process of improving ones rank in search engine results. If you are new to SEO it is way to much to cover here, Just Goggle SEO and you will find tons of information regarding Search Engine Optimization. For those of you who already know about it know how important it is to get your web sites address out on the web. Here I am only going to talk a little about Links and Google Page Rank (PR). As I’m sure you know, Google PR is the score Google gives your web site. Google then uses that score to determine how important your web site is and that determines where your web site is placed in Google’s search results. A good placement, means more traffic for you! This scored is based on a few different things, one being how many links from other web sites point to your web site. Not only that, but the higher the Google PR on the sites that point to your site, the more it counts! Now this “getting the word out” (or link) about your site, and finding other sites to link to yours can take countless hours. However we have created a affiliate guide that can help you get started and compete in this industry with authority. If you would like more information on our guide program or would like to contact us for another reason, feel free to use the contact form below.

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