How to become a casino affiliate

How to become a casino affiliate

How to become a casino affiliate.

If you’ve never heard of a “casino affiliate program”, but could use some extra cash, then keep reading. Successful casino affiliates can make thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars just by pointing new players to online Internet casinos websites.

Here’s how it works: Anyone can become an affiliate, and yes that means you. Once you sign up (for free) you then use your own website or blog to send your players to the online casino website. Every time one signs up and starts playing, you make money. You earn a percentage of what they wager, and you continue to make money every time they go back to that casino. Even if you only send a few players that wager big…that’s when you can start making the really big cash.

As an affiliate, you’ll even have access to exclusive graphics, bonus codes and contests that you can place on your site. And any time someone uses one of those bonus codes you make cash! And any time someone clicks on those graphics and then starts playing at that casino? You make cash! Easy right? It does take a lot of hard work dedication and time to be successful. But this is not as “Get rich scam” you really can succeed as an casino affiliate, and if you do get rich its because you worked your *** off.

how big is this industry?
Many online consulting firms say global internet gambling revenue will rise to $26 billion by 2011. Come and take your share!

So this is my steep by steep guide to how I became a online casino affiliate:

#1 Get a Domain Name

First I did a little research on domain names. I found I wanted a domain name with a target keyword or two, that would match my sites content. Notice how have the keywords ‘casino’ and ‘online’ in them.

#2 Find a Host

Next I needed a host for my website, I went with because they include your domain name in the hosting package for free, and they are a cheap, quality host with everything I would need for my website.

You can find them here: SiteGround
(Starting at $3.95/mo. this is a great webhost for igaming, very cheap and that’s all you will ever need to buy).

#3 Set up WordPress

Next I needed to create a website. For this I used wordpress, wordpress is free and can be downloaded at but wordpress also came pre-installed through ixwebhosting. I used wordpress for a few reasons: It is easy to use and update, it has great themes to make my website look professional, and it is good for SEO.

Recap: So far all I have really done is sign up with Ixwebhosting . They come with a free domain name, and wordpress pre installed.

#4 Install a Casino WordPress Theme

After I had to set up and configured my wordpress software, I needed to install a casino theme (You do not have to really know any website design at all to do this, but it does help if you want to edit it a little). I just took my time, got to know how wordpress works, went through every option. Its not to hard at all. You can download a casino theme for wordpress here: WordPress Casino Themes

#5 Join an affiliate Program

Next I went to the three affiliate programs found below. Betting Partners offers the three Best (and most popular) RTG casinos on the internet today, with almost every game you can think of! This makes it very easy to get players to sign up and start playing. Betting Partners also offers a high paying commission and some of the best online casinos for RTG casinos for players. Then you have Deckmedia, a high quality group of casinos with some of the best payment processing online! Balancing the highest paying commissions, with three quality affiliates you can trust (with games people actually play).

#6 Add affiliate Content to Site

Once I signed up they made my affiliate account, they provided with casino reviews, images, links and general information about the casinos. The links they gave me have a tracking code inside them to record how many players I send them. I then picked out some links and banners and placed them on my site. Then started writing some content for my site around the links to fill in the pages.

#7 Research and Affiliate Communities

Next I spent some time at the following sites to learn how to get my site listed in Google, secure a top listing, and other ways to get traffic:,, and Those websites told me how to really optimize my website. But the best site for casino affiliate marketing help would have to be: It has provided me with more help then any other site on the internet. It is a community of members helping each other who all have the same one thing in common, We are all online casino affiliates!

#8 Networking

Lastly I spent a while writing new fresh content, and telling people about my site on sites such as yahoo answers, craigslist, blogs, family and friends, and anyone else I would come in contact with. (This part is, the work that never ends).

That’s it. If you have followed these steeps like I did you are now an Online Casino Affiliate!

Good Luck!